Membership Applications

To apply as a Certified School, complete the GPBA Training Equivalency Form. Please note: Applicant must be a GPBA Certified Practitioner. All Certified Schools are required to offer at least 400 hours of training in a minimum of two years. Additionally, programs must be in operation for at least 2 years before they are eligible. 

To apply as a Certified Practitioner, send in your certificate of completion from one of GPBA’s Certified Schools or use the GPBA Training Equivalency Form to demonstrate you have received equivalent training.
Send application to

Onetime membership fees are as follows:

Affiliate Members PayPal ($25 USD)

Alliance Partners PayPal ($25 USD)

Certified Practitioners PayPal ($75 USD)

Schools/Training Programs PayPal ($100 USD)

The GPBA was established to support and promote professional Breathwork in our world so that people who do Breathwork with a certified GPBA professional can trust in the professionalism, skill, caring, and safety of their experience. Due to the burgeoning interest in Breathwork and the vital necessity of stabilizing ethical and training standards, the GPBA is in the process of moving to an annual membership. As of December 21st, 2022, all new applications will be notified of their certification status on January 31st, and informed of the annual fee.  By January 31st, the GPBA will inform all Breathworkers, Schools, Alliance Partners and Affiliate Members who joined prior to December 21st, 2022 of our recommendations for membership fees moving forward.