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Schools/Training Programs

A breathwork school/training program that has offered trainings in compliance with the GPBA standards of breathwork training for the last two years.

Alchemy of Breath 
(Anthony Abbagnano, Director) UK
(Global)Email: info@alchemyofbreath.com
Website: https://alchemyofbreath.com/Tel: 0039 333 138 4485

Alchemy of Breath is a system of breathing techniques born from decades of practice, compiled to offer a profound sense of connection to mind/body and spirit via the breath. Conscious connected breathwork can have immediate effects on your sense of clarity, connection, and peace, which in turn creates a greater depth of understanding of who you are, and what inspires you in life. 
Working with us, you’ll discover a natural remedy for stress and anxiety, along with greater self-awareness, love, and compassion. The great news is that you can do much of this from the comfort of your own home! 
The practices taught by Alchemy of Breath were developed by amalgamating the most effective breathwork patterns from different styles around the world. They can be incorporated instantly into your daily life, improving relationships, generating greater mental clarity, a stronger sense purpose, and renewed direction in life. 
Alchemy of Breath provides a comprehensive worldwide facilitator training, short online courses, and FREE weekly online breathwork sessions every Sunday at 9:30am or 5:00pm GMT.

Avalon Institute of Rebirthing / Ecole Européenne du Souffle Conscient
(Brigitte Martin Powell and Doug Sawyer)
Angel House Tedburn St Mary
Exeter, Devon EX6 6ENUnited KingdomEmail: brigittemartinpowell@hotmail.co.uk or doug@rebirther.co.uk
Website: http://www.rebirther.co.ukPhone: 00 44 1647 270081

The Avalon Institute of Rebirthing (AIR) is offering a thorough breathwork professional training in the UK (in English) and in Belgium (in French). The aim of our school is to train aspiring Breathworkers to become highly skilled, caring and ethical professionals. Ease, delight and mindfulness are at the heart of our rigorous training.

BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Institute
(Giten Tonkov, Director)
Email: info@biodynamicbreath.com
Website: www.biodynamicbreath.com
Tel: 001 917.829.3324

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release is built on new approach to trauma release & trauma healing. This profound and revolutionary system of body & breathwork therapy integrates deep connected breathing and especially designed conscious movement, body awareness techniques, bodywork and meditation. When skillfully combined in an integrated flow and safe environment these techniques result in releasing long held trauma from the body/mind. We offer worldwide certification trainings for breathwork practitioners and also for people who just want to experience breathwork & trauma healing.

Breathwork Trainings International
(Ann Harrison – GPBA Board Member)
Sydney, Australia
Email: office@breathworktrainings.com.au
Website: www.breathworktrainings.com.au
Tel: +61.2.9380.7171

This college offers 3 levels of Australian government accredited courses. These Breathwork trainings have been developed by veterans in the field of Breathwork, personal growth and spiritual development. Each member of the faculty – Ann Harrison, Robyn Fernance, Jonine Lee Gabay, Judee Gee – has been active in the field of Breathwork for more than 25 years and are recognised national and international leaders in this domain.

Ecole Etre
(Judee Gee, GPBA Board Member)
11, rue Dorée – 84800 l’Isle sur la Sorgue
E-mail: judee@ecole-etre.com
Website: www.ecole-etre.com, www.judeegee.com
Phone:+33 (0)6 85 57 19 77

Judee Gee has over 35 years of experience as a transpersonal psychotherapist and breathwork trainer. She is based in the South of France.
Ecole ETRE is a contemporary wisdom school, using the alchemical power of innate joy as the primary catalyst in the distillation of wisdom.
Her programme proposes a range of thematic workshops using personal inquiry, intuition development, breathwork, tantra, movement, dance and healing touch, as well as individual sessions.

Graduate School of Breathing Sciences
(Peter M. Litchfield, Ph.D.)109 East 17th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming  82001  USA
Tel: 307.633.9800, Fax: 866.251.4826
Admissions:  admissions@breathingsciences.bp.edu
Information:  education@bp.edu
Website:  www.breathingsciences.bp.edu
Email: pl@bp.edu
Cell: 505.670.2874

The Graduate School of Breathing Sciences offers a webinar-based MS degree in Applied Breathing Sciences, a Certificate program in Behavioral Biofeedback, and numerous CE courses in the breathing sciences.  We are a faculty of 16 physiologists, physicians, and psychologists who teach from their offices stretching from Hilo, Hawaii to Beer-Sheva, Israel.  Our students attend from the around the world, including Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.  The program includes science, practice, and business components that prepare practitioners, consultants, and educators to offer breathing assessment and learning services to their clients as a part of either a new or existing practice.

InBreath- the Institute for Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing
(Directors and trainers: Heinz Gerd and Lera Lange)
InBreath Ltd.
23 St Leonards Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN40 1HH,England
Postal address: Am Waldacker 2, D-85250 Altomuenster, Germany
Website: www.inbreath.org, and  www.lifemasteryprogram.info,
Email: gerdlangemain@googlemail.com
Phone: +49 8258 9114, mob +49 176 78 70 7414

Dedicated to the highest standards of Training in Integrative Breathwork, InBreath has been training professional Breathworkers since 1998. Having been restructured 2015, InBreath has developed from a purely UK based training organisation into a truly international Breathwork training. Modules are being offered in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria and the Ukraineand can be combined to create an individually adaptable course structure.

Besides a thorough training in various styles of conscious Breathwork, additional processing tools like NLP, Voice Dialogue, Inner child and focused bodywork are part of the training as well. InBreath is dedicated to always include the newest research and scientific information on Breathwork, personal transformation and consciousness development in its syllabus. Therefore teaching about neuroplasticity, neurochemistry, mind application of quantum physics, super- endorphination and heart/brain coherence are part of the training as well.

Choosing Life: A Breathing Journey (video link)

Inspiration Community
(Jessica Dibb, GPBA Co-director)
9721 Sherwood Farm Road
Owings Mills, MD 21117
United States
E-mail: Jessica@InspirationCommunity.org
Website: www.InspirationCommunity.org
Phone:+1 410 998 9777

Inspiration Consciousness School is dedicated to promoting personal, relational and global wellness through individual session, classes and service projects. All Breathwork sessions, classes and trainings are embedded in a deep understanding that every being is a unique organic expression of Essence. Our vision is to support each person in making direct contact with that Essence. Breathwork is a pivotal part of an Integral pathway to reveal the love, wisdom and presence that is inherent in every cell, feeling and thought of an individual, thus supporting life choices that are resonant with truth and love.

Institute for Integrative Breath Therapy
(Tilke Platteel-Deur- GPBA Board Member)

Institute for Integrative Breath Therapy
(Tilke Platteel-Deur- GPBA Board Member)
Cattenhagestraat 29
*31 35 695 0093


Since 1985, the Institute for Integrative Breath Therapy, co-founded and directed by Tilke Platteel-Deur and Hans Mensink, offers a three-year training. After writing a dissertation, students from Germany and Holland become certified as Integrative Breath Therapists. Besides deep knowledge of Breathwork, the training teaches among other things Voice Dialogue, basic NLP, Relationship-work and polarity massage.

Before we can learn how to use techniques, and work with others, we need first of all to learn through our own experience. Only human beings who deeply know and accept their fears and pains, and feel secure with them, are able to guide others on their individual paths of self-development. The Institute also offers a Training for Trainers, where students learn about group energy, presentation, etc.

International Center of Conscious Breathing, Studying and Practicing
Liubov Bogdanova, co-founder and director, Artiom Kouznetsov, co-founder
117648 Moscow, Sev.Tchertanovo, 2-201-31, Russian Federation
Website: www.odyhanie.ru
Email: info@odyhanie.ruluba.bogdanova@gmail.com
Phone: +7 903 117 36 63, +7 909 952 13 13

International Center of Conscious Breathing, Studying and Practicing, co-founded and directed by Liubov Bogdanova, provides a wide range of individual and group programs to Russian speaking people in the territory of former USSR (live classes) as well as throughout the world via Internet.  Self-healing, stress-management, spiritual awakening, creativity, harmony in relationships, business programs, workshops and trainings, basic and advanced level, practitioners trainings.

Kayana Training
Art & Science of Breathwork Mentoring
Viola Edward, Layla Edward & Michael de Glanville (Cyprus & UK)

English, Spanish, French, Arabic
4 Zafer Sokak, Catalkoy, Girne, 99370 TRNC, Cyprus
Email: info@violaedward.com
Phone: +90 533 8673685
Website: www.violaedward.com

In 1994 we started the “Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela” and in 2003 we founded Kayana Breathwork training center in Cyprus. Our tailor-made training is inspired by Conscious Connected Breathing with the addition of our skills in transpersonal psychotherapy and mentoring. Each trainer has over 25 years of experience working internationally in the field of Breathwork. Inspiring the leader within, our training includes a strong business component that prepares our trainees to mentor private and business clients and give them the possibility of assisting Viola in co-leading workshops. Our training focuses on revealing and healing stress, addictive behaviors, and traumas and on bringing harmony and meaning into building lively and loving relationships with yourself and others. It is for people motivated by a personal seeking or the desire to become a professional Breathwork Mentor. We train specialists in rehab centers to become breathworkers, making Conscious Connected Breathing a part of their treatment, including it as a somatic therapy. We offer supervision and mentoring online. We also acknowledge and accredit modules completed with other mutually agreed certified training centers.

Power of Breath Institute
(Jeremy Youst, GPBA Board Member, Treasurer)
45 Stones Mill Rd
Spofford, NH 03462
United States
E-mail: jeremy@powerofbreath.com
Website: www.powerofbreath.com
Phone:+1 603 363 4331

The Power of Breath Institute, co-founded and directed by Jeremy Youst is a high integrity, premier breathwork training school for individuals who want to learn how to incorporate conscious breathing into their lives, and for individuals who want to become internationally certified breathwork practitioners. The Power of Breath Institute offers private sessions, personal intensives, evening, or weekend workshops, a life-changing nine-month Empowerment Training, and an internationally accredited Practitioner Certification Training program

SOURCE Process and Breathwork
(Binnie A Dansby, GPBA Board Member)
6, Court Lodge Lamberhurst, Kent TN3 8DU
United Kingdom
E-mail: binnieadansby@sourcebreath.com
Websites: www.sourcebreath.com, www.ecstaticbirth.com
Phone & Fax:+44 (0) 1892 890632

Transformations Incorporated Therapeutic Breathwork Training Program
(Jim Morningstar, GPBA Co-director)
4200 W. Good Hope Road Milwaukee, WI 53209
United States
E-mail: jim@transformationsusa.com
Website: www.transformationsusa.com
Phone:+1 414 351 5770 Fax:+1 414 351 576

The Therapeutic Breathwork Training Program was founded in 1990 by Jim Morningstar, PhD, one of the original certified rebirthers in the 1970s.  Transformations is one of the oldest continually operating training centers of contemporary breathwork in the world.

Jim’s expertise as a clinical psychologist and Bio-energetic therapist led to his developing Therapeutic Breathwork™. Therapeutic Breathwork™ teaches a full repertoire of faster and slower than normal breathing techniques for six major human body themes.

Transformations offers four levels of training from Apprentice to Trainer. On site trainings are supported by distance learning components with local mentoring. On site training programs combined with video conferencing are also being offered in many countries. Transformations has reciprocal agreements with other certified training centers which provides flexibility and convenience along with professional supervision and a quality diversified training experience.

Zentium International Breathwork Mastery
(Alakh Analda, Director of Training)
P.O.  Box 1222, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Email: alakh@breathworkmastery.com
Website: breathworkmastery.com
Phone: +61 413 167 688
Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery, Is an organisation founded by Alakh Analda  www.breathworkmastery.com, to provide comprehensive and in-depth trainings, with universal truths that are relevant for the next seven generations. Within this intention, Alakh had breathworker trainings accredited within the Australian Qualification Framework, since 1998. Besides the nationally recognised trainings, an International Certification in Breathwork Mastery is set for ongoing delivery in UK/Europe, or in any location.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ex3tSjjw-Q