Alliance Partners

An Alliance Partner is an organization whose purpose is in alignment with that of the GPBA. The partnership is mutually supportive in promoting Breathwork in the world.

Alliance Partners:

Australian Breathwork Association

The Australian Breathwork Association (ABA) is a national professional association for Conscious Connected Breathwork practitioners, established in 1997. It is dedicated to delivering resources in the form of outreach programs, training standardization and accreditation, mentoring and annual gatherings that offer support to all those who know and love the extraordinary power of Breathwork. ABA acknowledges that Breathwork provides a meaningful, non-verbal path to self-knowledge, inner wisdom and health and it is the intention of ABA to serve individuals in their quest for peace of mind, happiness and connection with Spirit through Breathwork.

ABA is closely aligned with the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance and upholds its international policies and principles for the development and maintenance of professional standards in the Breathwork industry.

Bulgarian Breathwork Association
Sofia, Zlatovrah 51 B
Sofia 1000
Phone: +359883332622
Contact: Darina Gadjurova

Bulgarian Breathwork Association is NGO for improving the quality of human life. Its role is to support and facilitate the development of Breathwork standards and practice in Bulgaria.
BBA Goals:
to give maximum information about breathwork practice;
to give people chance for self development and information about breathing techniques;
to conduct seminars, trainings and projects for breathing practitioners

INSIGHT, School of Conseling BreathWork Mindfulness .
Milan, Italiy
Web site:  

Born from the experience of Milena Screm, Counselor Supervisor and Trainer, for four decades the Insight School has been engaged in the research, design and promotion of qualified services concerning the development of the individual. We move on the basis of a holistic vision in order to integrate the bodily-emotional and cognitive-psychological resources.
An innovative synergy between the methods of traditional Counseling, based on the dynamics of relationship and communication, the approach that emphasizes the body-emotional skills, the BreathWork, and the scientific principles of modern Mindfulness.
Thus was born the Insight Body Mediation Counseling which differs from other types of Counseling, because it uses, in addition to verbal communication, also perceptive resources. Words, speech, have the mind as their main source; emotions and feelings are instead connected to corporeality.
The Insight Body Mediation Counseling therefore has as support the knowledge of the body and emotional dynamics; uses, in addition to words, other tools, such as breathing and body movement. The basis of the work is the knowledge of body language, emotional dynamics and authentic empathic listening, as well as knowledge of communication.
At Insight we train Counseling professionals who appreciate and teach the evolutionary power of mindful breathing.

International Breathwork Foundation

The IBF is a non-profit international network open to everyone interested in conscious breathing and breathwork. This includes Conscious Connected Breathwork Professionals, organisations and schools as well as individuals and practitioners interested in conscious breathing or those whose lives have been touched by this experience. “The purpose of the IBF is to promote a heart-centred approach to breathwork, its theory and practice, for the expansion of consciousness and for personal and global transformation.”
The IBF was created in June 1994, during the first Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) in Sweden and was officially incorporated as a non-profit organisation in The Netherlands in June 2000. Principal funding of the International Breathwork Foundation is by annual membership fees.The IBF has an open, respectful and inclusive spirit to all nations, races, religions, spiritual traditions and breathing techniques and does not adhere to any specific tradition, religious or otherwise.
The IBF serves as a research and documentation centre for collecting, collating and disseminating information from around the world about Breathwork and its diverse theories, techniques, practices, schools and trainings.
A Global Inspiration Conference is held annually under the auspices of the IBF and is hosted in a different country each year. The International Breathwork Foundation offers the possibility to all people devoted to Conscious Breathing, independent of modality, to creatively participate in a global activity that promotes and honours the breath as a transformational tool for healing and personal growth. All are welcome to join the IBF network.
The IBF represents more than 35 countries worldwide and was granted Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC (United Nations) in 2016.