Since 2001,

the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA, originally called the International Breathwork Training Alliance) has promoted training standards for the ethical practice of dyadic and group Breathwork, and has been committed to supporting and promoting the integration of Breathwork in the world as a vital, ethical, evidence-based professional healing modality that facilitates physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness. Our commitment is bearing fruit!

Integral to our purpose is to enhance collaborations among Breathwork schools and practitioners. We have already seen an unprecedented collaboration of organizations and practitioners from the continuum of professional Breathwork modalities: from simple stress reduction breath techniques, to yogic breathing, to neural and emotional regulation breath practices, to non-ordinary states of consciousness. We invite you to be a part of it.

Thank you for your interest and support. May we create together a healthier world by promoting an awareness of healthy breathing and professional Breathwork!

Welcome! From Jessica Dibb and Jim Morningstar, GPBA Co-Presidents

What is the GPBA?

The GPBA is a consortium of professional schools, trainers, and practitioners who support and promote the integration of Breathwork in the world as an accessible and vital healing modality that facilitates physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

Our purpose is to:

  • Envision and articulate the field of Breathwork, including the spectrum of breath modalities and practices, into the world so that human beings become more aware of the potential of doing conscious breathing practices to promote their physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being.
  • Encourage, nourish and expand an educational network of schools, in order to facilitate the exchange of methodologies, ideas, discoveries, teachers and students, for their mutual enrichment.
  • Give international endorsement to schools, trainers and practitioners who agree to maintain and uphold the ethical integrity of the practice of Breathwork in accordance with GPBA ethical standards, as well as uphold their own peer-endorsed training standards.
  • Formulate and maintain a body of principles, ethics, training standards, for the various forms of dyadic and group Breathwork that open non-ordinary states of consciousness.
  • Offer GPBA certification to those practitioners, trainers and schools who utilize these principles and standards.
  • Recognize that Breathwork is a continually evolving field in which new forms, new information, and new teaching.