Breathwork Books

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SUNY,  NY,  2000.
Johnson, Don Hanlon: Breathwork and Somatics,  A review of Bone Breath
     And Gesture:  Practices of Embodiment,  North Atlantic Books, Berkeley,
     CA,   1995
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     Unlimited Books,  Los Angeles, CA,  1982.
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Morningstar, Jim: Breathing in Light and Love – Your Call to Breath and
      and Body Mastery.  Transformations Incorporated, Wisconsin,  1994.
Morningstar, Jim (ed. ebook): The Complete Breath: A Professional Guide to Health and
Wellbeing. Transformations Incorporated, Wisconsin, 2012.
Morningstar, Jim: Break Through with Breathwork: Jump-starting personal growth in
counseling and the healing arts. North Atlantic, Berkeley,CA,  2017.
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    New Psychology,  Hazleton, Center City, MN  1993.
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Profes sional Healing Relationships.Hanford Mead Pub; 2 edition,
Vranich, Belisa: Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve Your
Mental and Physical Health. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2016