The Birth and Evolution of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance

The GPBA has been taking form progressively each year since its inception at the Global Inspiration Conference in June 1999 (Spain) where Jim Morningstar made a proposal for an international alliance at the GIC and received a vote of confidence to serve as coordinator of the then International Breathwork Alliance in its nascent stages. By early 2000, a survey of Breathwork schools had been refined and sent out.

Concurrently, Jessica Dibb had written an extensive set of ethics for Breathworkers, developed and was teaching an 800 hour plus Breathworker training, and had created a plan for an international set of standards,

In 2001, Jim Morningstar and Jessica Dibb were brought together by Sondra Ray who envisioned that their working together would greatly advance the Breathwork field. Jim and Jessica recognized they were kindred spirits in their dedication to promoting ethical and professional excellence in the training and practice of Breathwork. The survey results from 22 schools were collated and presented to the GIC 2001 in Wisconsin where Jessica and Jim were given a vote of confidence to be Co-directors of the Alliance.

Others who volunteered to work on the Alliance formation in the beginning of it’s creation include: Binnie A Dansby (England), Catherine Dowling (Ireland), Tamara Penn (Canada), Marga Parellada (Spain), Harrison and Blanche Tanner (Canada), Peter Kane (USA), Robin Lawley (Italy), Judee Gee (France), Tilke Platteel-Deur (Holland), Layla Edwards (Venezuela), Nemi Nath (Australia), Franceen King (USA), Jane Okondo (England), Leonard Orr (USA), Ann Harrison (Australia), Jonnie Lee (Australia), and Denise Burgess (Australia).

In 2002, principles, ethics and training standards were explicated and were ratified in June 2003, and the name Global Professional Breathwork Alliance was approved by the board.