Allegations of Ethical Misconduct

The GPBA was founded with the purpose of setting high standards of ethical behavior and professional training and conduct. Thus, the GPBA takes all matters of alleged misconduct seriously. The GPBA reminds all Breathwork practitioners of our vital responsibilities towards those we serve in this healing practice.

When allegations of ethical misconduct concerning any certified practitioner or school of the GPBA are brought to the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance and its Ethics Committee, there will be a Board review which will determine the practitioner or school’s membership status in the GPBA moving forward.

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If the Practitioner or School involved is not a Certified Professional GPBA member, or Ethically Compliant Facilitator or Program, the GPBA does not have the jurisdiction to regulate. However, we will provide guidance, support and expertise about how this situation could be addressed, personally and by the Breathwork community.

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