Ethically Compliant Practitioner Application

For Breathwork practitioners who agree to practice Breathwork in full compliance of the GPBA’s Code of Ethics.

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Breathwork Training

Ethical compliance as a School requires a minimum of 9 months of training and supervision with a minimum of 8 hours of instruction in ethics.

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Breathwork Facilitator History

Please use a GPBA Certified Breathwork Practitioner, a well-respected Breathworker, or a licensed Psychotherapist, as a personal referral of your adherence to the GPBA Code of

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Affirmation of Compliance with the GPBA Code of Ethics.

I affirm that I have read and understand the GPBA Code of Ethics and I agree to practice Breathwork in full compliance.

I understand that if any answer on this form proves to be untrue now, or in the future, I can be removed from the GPBA Ethically Compliant Breathwork Facilitator directory.

By signing this form I also agree that if any allegations are brought against me, and a GPBA review finds them to be credible, my Ethically Compliant Breathwork Facilitator status will be suspended, rescinded, or revoked.